This is an anti-censorship website. Corporate-sponsored medical and scientific censorship is driving a vaccine-passport agenda worldwide. This is medical apartheid and has very little real scientific basis. Vaccine-Passports give governments control over our bodies, and the ability to make our rights depend on our compliance. "Three weeks to flatten the curve" has become "three shots to participate in society", and it will not end there. One of the best ways to resist is to get around their most powerful tool, censorship.   


Below are a collection of PDF documents, articles, websites, studies, video-links, Twitter-feeds, social-media posts, etc. which we hope will help you navigate this censorship. If you find any of this information useful, whether it was a certain website you found here, a PDF, a twitter user, an article, or this website itself -- we don't care which! -- please download, share, do whatever you can to spread the word. This is completely anonymous: we don't care about credit, only freedom. 

PDF Resources: 

Recommended Articles and Websites: 

Below is a list of informative websites and articles. The links provided are normally to a specific article, but often the same website has multiple others, so it's worth exploring further. 

Headline Article: 

A Pfizer whistleblower (interviewed by the BMJ) on the integrity of Pfizer data used to justify Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of their vaccine — the same vaccine has now been given to over 1billion people and, for many, has become a condition of their livelihoods 








8. The "Spartacus Article"















21. The CDC’s plan for Quarantine Camps:






25., e.g.      with-vaccines















39. British Medical Journal (BMJ) editorial on the fundamental problem with the Covid vaccine trials

40. twitter_impression=true

41. “Having SARS-CoV2 once confers much greater immunity than vaccination — but vaccination remains vital”, Meredith Wadman

42. “Vaccine-effectiveness drops further in the over 40s, to as low as -53%…”, Daily Sceptic




44. “Covid-19 vaccines for children should not get emergency use authorization”, BMJ

45. “Hypothetical benefits to adults do not outweigh risks to children”, BMJ


47.. “Martin Kulldorff on vaccine passports, the delta variant and the Covid public health fiasco”, Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Biostatistician and Professor of

     Disease Surveillance at Harvard Medical School            



48. Entrust, the company which has received a 1.6m contract from the UK government to provide Vaccine Passport tech services until 2023, is             owned by the Quandts, a prominent Nazi family.




49. “The Smoking Gun: Fauci and the NIH knew that the Covid-19 Vaccines could lead to antibody dependent enhancement (ADE)…”, Teodrose                 Fikremariam






Campaigners Against Vaccine-Passports

The following are medical professionals, scientists, journalists and other informed and qualified individuals who share useful information on Twitter and other social media platforms on a daily basis. These include Martin Kulldorff (Biostatistician and Professor of Disease Surveillance at Harvard Med), among others. Following them (or looking at their pages occasionally if you don't have an account) is a great way of keeping track of what's happening. This list will be updated regularly. Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Biostatistician and Professor of Disease Surveillance, Harvard Med. Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA vaccine tech Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche Dr. Clare Craig, Diagnostic Pathologist Dr. Pierre Kory Prof. Carl Heneghan, Professor of Evidence Based Medicine Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Dr. Allyson Pollock Robin Monotti’s Telegram channel Alex Berenson’s substack site: Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Dr. Simon Goddek, banned from Twitter for scientific posts Dr. Simone Gold Dr. Lidiya Angelova, PHD Microbiology, David Paton Industrial Economist. Covers data, especially on lockdowns. Useful source for the Australian situation. 

For legal perspectives on the pandemic Younes, Civil Liberties Lawyer (LeftyLockdownSkeptic) Francis Hoar, Public Law Barrister Maria Sederholm Bernie Spofforth Ivor Cummins Alex Gutentag, James Melville Gillian McKeith Nick Hudson Abir Ballan Ruminator Dan Niall Bradley Walter Chesnut 

Great Threads on the Pandemic:

Threads can be a great source of connected information (and links to more information) so you can get the wider picture where one post would only give a snapshot. The vast majority of the material included in them is simply video-recordings, articles, and other media from official sources, i.e. by the conspirators (governments, international organizations, and corporations) themselves: 


Thread by Michael P. Senger (Author of Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down the World)


1. 70 Tweets-long thread on the CCP, Xi Jinping, and the Global Lockdown Campaigns.

Thread by Rajesh Malhotra 

1. 100-tweet long thread on Bill Gates and his global agenda, including videos of him discussing global population control through vaccination, approving of and pushing for vaccine mandates, and investing heavily in all basic amenities required by the poorest people in the world not to help them, but to make them dependent.

Threads by Peznt Journalist 


1. Great Reset

2. Xi Jinping and the WEF

3. Transhumanism

4. WHO and the Rockefeller Foundation

5. WHO, WEF etc.

6. Transhumanist philosophy w/ Klaus Schwab

7. WHO, EU Commission and Facebook collaboration ‘against disinformation’

8. Event 201 and the Gates Foundation

Thread on the WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” program, and who’s involved 


Thread on the global vaccine agenda 



Thread on New World Order and Great Reset 


Useful Links on the Pandemic:

Below is a selection of useful links, involving many of the main players in the pandemic. 

A Website for Event 201, the “ Global Pandemic Simulation” exercise hosted in October 2019, in association with WEF (Great Reset) the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (vaccine manufacturers!), the UN, the World Bank, the WHO, and American Intelligence Agencies:

More Event 201 videos:

On the link between the WEF and the pandemic:

The WEF’s “Covid-19 Transformation” Graph, with Global governance, 5G etc. all under the title “Covid-19”

Thread on the WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” program, and who’s involved

Michael P. Senger Thread on the role of China

Global QR code, WEF and China

Thread on the vaccine agenda

Ending Anonymity: Why The WEF’s Partnership Against Cybercrime Threatens The Future Of Privacy

WHO Guidance on the implementation of Vaccine Passports Worldwide — in association with the Great Reset and the Gates Foundation!

WHO head: We will never go back to the old normal [i.e. free from vaccine mandates]

Clinton Foundation ‘health access initiative’

Hillary Clinton on vaccine passports in UK, lack of questioning by Andrew Marr

Thread going through the The Canadian Govt’s “Biodigital Convergence Document”

The document:

An extraordinary collection of information on Bill Gates and his global health agenda

Gates, Population, Vaccines

 Gates: Prepare for the next one: “It will get attention this time.”

Gates Foundation donating to Tony Blair institute for “global change” [to lobby] for vaccination and vaccine passport programs

From 5 mins onward, plandemic

Gates, Soros, and lateral flows tests:        flow-tests-for-41-million/?sh=560ccf402687

Gates Foundation and Moderna are partners

Gates funding human-implantables

Example of experiments going on at Microsoft

 Gates offers $1billion for engineered virus that reduces fertility

Thread on New World Order and Great Reset

New World Order Video: From 20:00+ discusses Rockefellers and the Bilderberg Group

Members of European Parliament on the Vaccine-passport agenda Malaysian leader’s speech in 2015

[His report of a meeting he went to.]

Social-credit system:

Forced vaccination of childen (New Zealand):

German doctor speaks out

Fauci’s NIH funding Wuhan Lab

Pfizer contracts’s-why-Bill-Gates-wants-indemnity…-Are-you-willing-to-take-the-risk_:c

Boris Johnson himself on the premise of Vaccine Passports

Worldwide Anti-Vaccine-Passport Protest 


Worldwide protests against vaccine-passports and medical apartheid (especially in Europe and Australia) have been largely ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media outlets. Here are some ways to keep up with what is going on and to get an idea of its scale. This is important for getting a sense of the scale and coordination of government-media collusion. The below is just a sample.

Protest in London, late June. Reported as “hundreds of anti-vaxxers march” or similar. 26th Jun

Protest in London, late June, not mentioned by the BBC for days, only then misrepresented as a minor “anti-vaxxer” protest, 26th Jun

Deliberate misreporting of Covid protests by BBC: using footage from other marches. 26th Jun

Paratroopers and other armed forces personnel protesting against the vaccines in London, 10th Aug

France prior to the introduction of vaccine passports 31st July

Marches against Covid restrictions in Madrid, 7th Aug.

Amsterdam, 6th Sept:

Australia protests, August 22nd.

Brazil, early Sept. 2021

UN special rapporteur Nils Meltzer on worrying trend of suppression of protest worldwide

Medical professionals in Arizona protesting mandatory jabs, 4th Aug

protests in Canada

Netherland, mid-Sept 2021

Italy, mid Sept. 2021

France, Sept 30, 2021

Good point on media agenda


Consistent Sources for news on worldwide protests: [Europe] [Europe] [Australia] [Europe][Europe] [Europe]